Hi, I am Dante Passalacqua

front-end dev

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What I do


Experience with Adobe XD and Figma to build initial layouts. Proficient with photoshop to manipulate images to the style of the website. Using CSS, I am able to integrate all of the aforementioned to build functional and responsive websites.

Front-End Development

Proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, React.js, and Git. I am able to build functional and scalable web applications, including this portfolio page.

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Who I Am

Developer based out of Colorado Springs

Certified Pharmacy Technician turned Junior Front End Developer. After working in pharmacy for a few years, I found myself craving the field of web development. I enrolled in an online course to learn more about web development and instantly loved it.

I recently completed that course which encompassed many key aspects in relation to front-end development, to include: responsive design, UI design, accessibility-friendly websites, along with REST API Fetching with GET and POST. I obtained in-depth understanding of a variety of languages, to include: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React.

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My work

A range of my projects

Tenzies Game

A web game of tenzies

Travel Journal

A travel journal web app

Digital Business Card

Dante's digital business card

Movie Watchlist

A movie watch-list web application

Color Scheme Generator

A color generator web application

Password Generator

A password generator application

Unit Converter

A unit converter web application

Invoice Creator

An invoice creator

Meme Generator

A meme generator

Email Newsletter

An email newsletter page