Color Scheme Generator

Fetch Colors from API

A screenshot of a color generator application

A color scheme generator using fetch API to get and display colors from The Color API.

A screenshot of a color generator application generating 6 colors based off of a blue hue

Incorporated the use of Javascript to build a color scheme generator. Using the Fetch API, a request is sent to retrieve 6 colors with a hue from the user's color input field. The Fetch request also adjusts the parameters of the type of color scheme chosen by user in the drop down menu. When hex code is clicked, it will copy to keyboard for ease of taking colors from the generator.

Also incorporated CSS Flexbox to build the layout with colors being displayed in their respective divs. Outlined the HTML with various input fields, of which were grabbed and used in Javascript for the fetch request.

The deployment can be found on GitHub Pages. Check out the source code here.